Current Release (VIC Only): IRIS 1.13.0 Build 18148 (28 May 2018)


  • It is most important to read and follow the instructions in the installation guide.
  • All updates must be implemented in a controlled manner across your organisation.
  • Do not install any update unless requested to by an authorised person or IT administrator.
  • For Microsoft SQL Server installations, the minimum version that IRIS 1.13 supports is now SQL Server 2005.


For IT Administrators

  • For database administrators (Firebird and SQL Server), the database upgrade will be automatically applied when you start IRIS for the first time after upgrading. As this is a major update, there are structural changes to the IRIS database so DBA intervention is required. The upgrade script file ADO_IRIS_Update_1-13.sql is included for your reference.
  • IRIS can automatically upgrade all workstations on a network using the IRISDeploy program shipped with all installations. Instructions for this are included in the Installation Guide. Note that each workstation may require a user with administrator rights to be logged in.
  • If you need assistance installing IRIS on MS Terminal Services, Citrix or other frame service, please contact your IRIS Help Desk.
  • CAV FCP users: An updated DoJ Data Extract program will be installed automatically if an existing IRISExportDoJ.exe program is found in your IRIS folder. It is also available as a separate download. See below.
  • Contact the IRIS Help Desk if you need assistance.

Version Number

Please take note of your current IRIS version number. If you are not sure what that is, start IRIS and go to Help -> About IRIS. If the display indicates (VIC) then you are on the current release. No further action is required. If you have not upgraded you should see Version
If this is not the case (ie. you are on an older release), please call the IRIS Helpdesk in your state. The Program & Database version will be at 1.13.0 (VIC) after you do this install or upgrade.

Installation Options

    Select one of these options:
  • Online (Recommended) Select IRIS 1.13.0 Installation (VIC) to launch the Installation Guide in your browser now.
    NOTE: For Upgrades, be sure to review the Post-Upgrade Notes if you have multiple IRIS systems (such as a testing environment).
  • CD Image (Advanced) Download the CD image if you need to work offline, require the MS SQL Server script files, or otherwise prefer to have the convenience of a physical CD as a backup. You can also unzip this image to a local or shared folder and install IRIS from a hard drive rather than burn a CD. See instructions below.
    Download: (60MB)
  • Request a CD An IRIS Installation CD is available from the IRIS Helpdesk upon request.

All options include instructions for a new IRIS installation as well as upgrading from Version 1.12.0.

CD Image Instructions

  • Download the zip file to your hard drive.
  • Unzip the contents
  • Option 1: Navigate to the ..\doc\Index.html file and launch this in your Internet Browser to start your upgrade.
  • Option 2: Burn the unzipped contents (not the original zip file) to a CD. Label it IRIS 1.13.0 Build 18148 then re-load the CD. It should autostart the doc\Index.html file in your browser.

CAV FCP Client Data Extract

The CAV Data Extract program for Financial Counselling case types was introduced in v1.9. If this applies to you, a new version for 1.13.0 is available and will be installed automatically as part of the upgrade.

If required, you can manually download and unzip the updated EXE into the IRIS folder:

IRIS User Guide

The IRIS User Guide is included with the installation, but available here for your convenience: IRIS_UserGuide_1-13-0.pdf